I you were the kind of person that watched the Star Wars prequels and found them to be confusing at best, or as absolute abominations of film-making at worst.. If you found yourself hating the prequels but not being able to articulate precisely what it was that you hated so much, then I’ve got something for you!


It’s a review of the three prequels, which in detail explains how they failed not only as part of the whole Star Wars franchise but also as films in general. How the script, directing, story, dialogue, camera work, editing, tone etc failed on the most basic levels, which came together to make some of the worst films in film history. It’s both hilarious, educational, thorough and accurate and I would recommend everyone to watch it. They have also done some reviews of the awful Star Trek films, so if you’re interested in that too, then there should be plenty of entertainment for you for the rest of the day 🙂

And here it is: Redlettermedia. Enjoy!


~ by Shioban on June 16, 2011.

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